After arriving at 7 locations that I wanted to photograph and walking the route a couple of times to make images, I began to think about ways I could develop this idea further and if it could have potential for A1. The brief for the first assignment asks that we limit ourselves in some way, either through shooting a set amount of images or using a roll of film. The latter idea appealed to me as I had recently been gifted a 35mm camera – the idea of both shooting on film and the limits this would mean seemed to naturally lend itself to the brief. I also have a Holga camera which has been gathering dust for some time so this seemed like a good opportunity to use this again.

Already I was beginning to formulate a methodology that both extended on my previous strategies of walking, exploring and local knowledge to areas that were outside my comfort zone. My usual approach is to photograph without preconception, take a large number of images and build these into a set through the editing process. Although the development of this project involved walking and photographing locally, having specific locations to photograph and using film, which would naturally mean I would take fewer images than normal, presented key deviations from my usual working practices.

Typically, I struggled to completely limit myself in this exercise by using two cameras – although I did manage to only make images from two walks, despite the temptation to visit the locations more times. Below are some of the resulting photographs:

Stanley Spa:

Vigilante paedophile hunters:

Foot and mouth – Chapman’s Well:

Cannabis Farm:

Sweet shop drug den:

Bus Station Fight:

Causey Arch Dogging: