Selecting an image for each of the 7 locations proved a simple process as I had limited myself to choosing from the set of analogue photographs. I liked the lo-fi quality of the Holga, but I did not have a useable image for ‘Sweet Shop Drug Den’ so that was ruled out, leaving me to choose from the images made from the 35mm camera.

I knew from beginning the project that text would be an integral part. I was faced with a number of presentation choices so experimented with the following:

  •  Text
    • Headlines
    • Concise captions
    • Synonyms
  • Text positioning
    • Caption below image
    • Directly onto the image
      • Size and font
      • Colour

Vigilante Paedophile hunters:

Alternative captions:

  • Moment paedophile hunters snared pervert
  • Convicted sex offender facing jail for sending explicit messages to teenage girls
  • Stanley man snared by paedophile hunter

Bus Station Fight:

Alternative captions:

  • Pepper spray used to disperse yobs who attacked police
  • Police mobbed by 100 youths throwing bricks and fireworks
  • Teenagers attack police in town centre disorder
  • 100 feral youths batter cops

Cannabis Farm:

Alternative captions:

  • Two arrested as police raid cannabis farm
  • Drugs raid in South Moor

Picnic Site Dogging:

Alternative captions:

  • Beauty spot sex site
  • Picnic site sex ‘disgusting’
  • Police warn ‘doggers’ of a clampdown

Swingers Club:

Alternative captions:

  • ‘Child’ spotted at swingers’ club turned out to be a short adult woman
  • Calls for sex club yards from school to be closed

Sweet Shop Drug Den:

Alternative captions:

  • Police raid sweet shop and seize stock over suspected drug offences
  • Drugs raid at sweet shop
  • Sweets cleared from shop after police drugs raid
  • Two released under investigation after police swoop on sweet shop in suspected drugs raid

Animal Mass Burial Site:

Alternative captions:

  • Protests gather over animal burial site
  • Limited carcasses dumping to resume