Really useful and inspiring tutorial session. It was good for my submission to be well received and encouraging to hear that my idea to explore themes of consumerism, consumption and retail were felt to have potential. We discussed many different approaches for this and it is important that I start experimenting with these quickly so I can begin to formulate the direction of my final BoW.

I have summarised a number of action points from the tutorial below with the aim that this helps keep me focused:

Contact with tutor:

  • Monthly progress report.
  • Email links to my blog as I post development updates.
  • Agree deadlines for assignment submissions.
    • 1/1/22 has been set for A2, in my mind this needs a quicker turnaround to build momentum – my personal deadline is 14/11/21.

Ideas for A2:

  • Approach – photograph empty/closed retail premises using Holga camera.
  • Incorporate this with time exploring the retail environment in my local area as a source of inspiration.



  • Willie Doherty
  • Ben Roberts – Amazon project
  • Led by Donkeys/Cold War Steve (particularly public display of work)
  • Memes
  • Valerie Berlin
  • Oliver Richon
  • Dawn Woolley
  • Laura Letinsky
  • Eugene Atget (promoted by Bernice Abbott and more recently Sarah Dobai)


  • Bauman: Consuming Life
  • Debord: Society of the Spectacle
  • Bourriaud: Relational Aesthetics
  • Berger: Ways of Seeing (consumer aspects/Marxist readings)